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Peoples Organic Team - Juell & Ray Roberts

Locations: Calhoun Square, Eden Prairie
Flagship Stores: Galleria & IDS

Ray Roberts IV is the Executive Chef of Peoples Organic along with his wife, Juell Roberts, as the  Operations Manager. They work as a seamless duo to combine the beautiful functionality of a busy restaurant with deliciously executed meals.


Ray has over 25 years in the restaurant industry, starting out when he was 15 years old. In college, he moved from studying horticulture in the Twin Cities to falling in love with seasonal restaurants in the bay area. Ray focuses on the individual ingredients making sure they are paired perfectly together. Juell has over 20 years in the restaurant industry as a server during college for Art Therapy and a general manager after college. She worked as a Project Coordinator for an advertising firm as well as a medical device company, which allowed her to learn how to grow businesses and reach customers.   Juell explains to each new staff member that it is an honor to be able to serve customers. In five minutes we have the privilege of making someone’s day and that has a great responsibility. 

Together they work as a duo to bring a balanced plate.


Besides running Peoples Organic in recent years they were also Prince’s Personal Chef. Ray & Juell cooked for him over 3 years and continue to manage the new kitchen at Paisley Park Museum. Ray and Juell, along with their 3 children, look forward to sharing their experiences through food with  you.

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