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Peoples Organic Coffee Varieties

Peoples Choice (Sumatra, Ethiopia, Colombia)

Medium blend with a heavy body, slightly smoky flavor that echoes with oral and nippy aroma notes. Medium acidity,with mild cherry undertones. It's the People's Choice.


Peruvian Sky Decaf

Medium roasted Mountain Water Processed decaf beans have a gentle, breezy aroma with a surprisingly rich taste. Buttery notes compliment this splendid coffee.


French Roast (French)

One of the darkest roasts that you will nd. A signature roast using our organically grown and harvested Peruvian beans. Intense smoky avor with a medium body.


Nicaraguan Matagalpa

Bourbon variety...lively and smooth with good body and balance. We roast this Italian style to give it headiness and depth.


Rainforest Blend (Peru, Mexico)

Deep from the Rainforest of South and Central America comes the inspiration for this blend. Eco-friendly, organic, bird friendly and Fair Traded. It's all there: light, bold and very bright. Inspired.


Earth Blend (Sumatra, Colombia, Guatemala)

Golden, Tanned and Bronzed; it's a sweet, spicy and smooth coffee. Carefully blended to elicit each coffee's unique characteristic. Bring your neighbor a cup…


Mountain Harvest (Mexico, Peru, French Roast)

This blend is comprised of Guatemala and Sumatra coffees, roasted to perfection to elicit medium acidity and heavy body. We’ve added French roasted Peru to provide yin to yang.


Nation Blend (Guatemala, Peru, Mexico)

Everywhere and all at once…thinking globally and drinking Fair Trade Organic coffee locally. Seven nations united in harmony…what a refreshing thought. Take your inspirations to higher places with this fascinating amalgamation of taste and aroma.


Sumatra Mandheling

Rich, smoky Sumatra with it's signature heavy body, bold aroma, and smooth aftertaste. We've roasted this coffee Italian style to give it an extra kick. Ethiopian Yergachee From the birthplace of coffee--rare but worth the search. Dened by wild sharp tanginess and a thick bodied liquor.


Cafè Esperanza (Guatemala, Sumatra, French)

A sweet, buttery blend of post-roast blended coffees. Heady aroma, intense flavor, medium body and great acidity (liveliness). A slight hint of cardamom notes. Here’s to hope for a better tomorrow.

Espresso Noir (Peru, Columbia, Guatemala, Ethiopia)

Inspired by out Italian Barista Amicos, ESPRESSO NOIR is a complex blend creating a rich, smooth crema with a bright, bold cup and an ultra velvety ourish. It’s subtleties linger on the palate.

Espresso Decaf

Our DECAF version of a true Italian, sweet crema hovering on this intense but incredibly smooth DECAF espresso. Never over roasted, we allow it’s nuances to flourish on the palate.


Peoples Organic Coffee
is available at following restaurants:


  • Peoples Organic Cafes

  • French Meadow Cafes

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